Flair and functionality

At YOO8 serviced by Kempinski, quality and superior design are truly found at every turn. That includes the often overlooked aspects that make a space function seamlessly.

Units are furnished with sterling home appliances from cutting edge industry brands, proving that nothing is too good for our guests and residents

Sanity Wares

Sanitary Fittings

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances


Sanitary & Plumbling fitingsa1b3b4b5c4c5c6c7d2d3d4d5d6e1
Wash Basin with Tap33334443444445
Shower Set with Rain Shower11112222222223
Bath Tub with Mixer Tap11111111111111
Water Closet22223332333334
Toilet Roll Holder22223332333334
Kitchen Sink with Tap11111111111111
Hand Bidet22223332333334
Electronical Installationa1b3b4b5c4c5c6c7d2d3d4d5d6e1
Lighting Point2122222226262632282828282834
Ceiling Fan Point22222222222222
13A Socket Outlet Point1416161616161620232222222223
Air-conditioning Point22224443444445
Water Heater Point11112222222223
SMATV Point22222223333333
Internal Telephone Trunking & Cablinga1b3b4b5c4c5c6c7d2d3d4d5d6e1
Telephone / Data Outlet Point33334445555555
StructureReinforced Concrete Framework
RoofConcrete Flat Roof
WallConcrete / Bricks / Drywall
CeilingMaster Bath / Bath 2 / Bath 3
Powder — Plaster Board
Other — Skim Coat and Paint / Plaster Board
WindowsAluminium Framed Glass Panel
DoorsMain Entrance — Fire Rated Door
Other Doors — Flush Timber Door
IronmongeryQuality Locksets
Floor FinishesLiving / Dining / Kitchen
Foyer — Timber Flooring
Master Bedroom / Bedroom 2 / Bedroom 3 — Timber Flooring
Master Bath / Bath 2 / Bath 3 / Powder — Stone
Balcony — Tiles
A/C — Cement Render
Wall FinishesGeneral — Plaster and Paint
Master Bath / Bath 2 / Bath 3 / Powder — Stone
(No tile behind kitchen cabinets, mirrors and above false ceiling.)

Our finest selection of luxurious furnishings are at your disposal